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Kauhulinna - the Castle of Horror

Sissilinna, Asemakatu 6, 87100 Kajaani
A horror experience that lies somewhere between an escape room and a theatre show. Take an adventure on a trail to solve the mystery of Olga, the ghost of the Sissilinna Castle.

A unique opportunity to take a peek at the exciting theatre facilities that the audience would not be able to access at any other time. Take on the challenge and go for an adventure with the theatre actors!

  • Artistic coordinator Sari Palmgren
  • Visualisation Tiina Siltala
  • Sound design Sinikka Isoniemi
  • Light design Henri Py
  • Video design Topi Lindh
  • Performers Salla Loper, Inkeri Raittila, Satu Turunen, Jose Viitala