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Making of Lea

Seminaarin näyttämö, Satamakatu 3, 87100 Kajaani
In favour of what is Finnish, against no one. A hilarious farce on the making of the first play ever produced in the Finnish language.

The completion of the show is plagued by the theatre group’s total lack of money, author Aleksis Kivi’s constantly growing itch for alcohol, the sacred hatred of critics and the fact that the lead actor does not speak a word of Finnish – as do hardly any of the others!

Adding role switches, a fake doctor, a psychic, choir music and rubber palm trees to the mix makes for a recipe for quite a mess.

The play has been written by Juha Hurme, a Finlandia prize recipient, and the setting is the inception of Finnish theatre.

  • Written by Juha Hurme
  • Directed by Perttu Hallikainen
  • Scenography by Annukka Mäntynen (visiting)
  • Lighting design by Jukka Laukkanen
  • Sound design by Juho Lukinmaa
  • Music instruction by Eeva Hartemaa (visiting)

On stage Tarja Heinula, Antti Hovilainen, Jukka Peltola, Mika Silvennoinen, Tom Salminen, Heidi Syrjäkari