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Pihlajan Polku - horseback riding tour with Icelandic horses

Kumpusentie 15, 88300 Paltamo
A two-hour tour that allows you to experience the comfortable tölt and speedy galloping of the horses in the beautiful scenery of Kainuu.

Tölt is a special gait of the Icelandic horses that you get to try while looking at the landscape. Depending on the group’s riding skills, you’ll also get to gallop on soft forest roads. Depending on the level of skills in the group, you’ll either proceed at a brisk pace or wander gently ahead.

The horses will be ready for the tour when you arrive at the stable. After initial instruction, we will head to a two-hour horseback ride to the wilderness. After getting back, we will groom the horses.

  • If necessary, you can borrow a helmet and a balaclava, rainwear and, in the winter, warm overalls and shoes.
  • The maximum weight for the riders is 90 kg.
  • In the winter, the temperature may not be below -20 degrees.

Riding with Icelandic horses is also suitable for beginners, but riding skills are required for children under the age of 12. The riding tour is organised for 1–5 people. You can book the tour for a group of your own or join a larger group.