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Ruisräikkä – a puppet show

Sissilinna, Asemakatu 6, 87100 Kajaani
Poet Eino Leino’s messages from the beyond. Ruisräikkä is a rare puppet show for adults.

It is year 2023. Eino Leino lives in a room known as eternity. He’s laid his poet’s cape in a closet. He spends his days making inventions and spending time with friends. Finally, there’s time…

In his room of eternity, Eino is accompanied by reciter Yrjö Jyrinkoski, actress Ella Eronen and Martti, a fisherman from Lake Oulujärvi, and housekeeper Marjatta. One morning, the relaxed atmosphere in the afterlife is broken when a letter arrives from an authoritative figure; an order that cannot be refused.

Ruisräikkä is a rare puppet show for adults. In it, the noble ideas of poems, games of childhood and practical jokes are equally vying for attention.

  • Written by Markku Hernetkoski
  • Direction and scenography by Markku Hernetkoski
  • Light design by Henri Py
  • Sound design Sinikka Isoniemi
  • Puppets by Markku Hernetkoski, Marko Heikura, Satu Husu

On stage Perttu Hallikainen and Teija Töyry