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No matter where you come from in Finland, there’s a reasonable distance to the centrally located Kajaani-Oulujärvi region in Kainuu. Main roads and train tracks lead to Kajaani, and you can also reach the city by air. The flight from the Helsinki Metropolitan Area to Kajaani takes just over an hour!


Helsinki 559 km | Oulu 183 km | Jyväskylä 315 km | Rovaniemi 336 km | Kuopio 170 km


Finnair Flights to Kajaani

When flying to Kajaani, be sure to admire the view from above: seeing Finland from the window of an airplane will help you understand where the nickname “The Land of a Thousand Lakes“ comes from.

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Kajaani travel centre

The Kajaani travel centre combines rail and bus traffic, making it easier to switch between modes of transport.

The travel centre is located in the railway station area (Asemakatu 1, 87100 Kajaani) and the travel centre serves as the point of departure and arrival of Kajaani regional traffic (lines 11–40).

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Kajaani’s location on the map

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