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Information about the region

Visit Kajaani-Oulujärvi is part of the Arctic Lakeland Kainuu tourism region. During your visit, you’ll see magnificent forest-covered hill landscapes, clean nature and great lakes, and get to experience the four distinct seasons. There are plenty of things to see and experience for family, nature and cultural tourists.

Location and arrival

No matter where you come from in Finland, there’s a reasonable distance to the centrally located Kajaani-Oulujärvi region in Kainuu. Both main roads and train tracks lead to Kajaani, and you can also reach the region by air. The flight from the Helsinki Metropolitan Area to Kajaani takes just over an hour!

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Blogs and news

Read current blogs and news from the region and get travel tips from visitors’ blogs.

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Arctic Lakeland Kainuu

Arctic Lakeland Kainuu is the northernmost part of Lakeland Finland. In Kainuu, you get to experience the southern and northern landscapes of Finland at once – large lakes and rugged wood-covered hills. In the summer, Kainuu is a holiday paradise full of blue and clean lakes. In the winter, it is a winter wonderland with white snowdrifts and snowy forests.

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