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Nature, hiking and cycling

The Kajaani-Oulujärvi region is known for its interesting nature sites and beautiful landscapes with forest-covered hills. See the region’s hiking and cycling trails and nature sites at the and services. The services also include information about the locations of lean-tos and campfire sites.

Nature sites

Nature sites

Arctic Giant

When you look at the world through the eyes of a giant, you can see far and feel greatly moved. Read more
Nature sites

Hakasuo Mill and nature trail

Hakasuo Mill is a nationally significant cultural historical site. The Hakasuo nature trail is located by the mill. Read more
the men are fishing in the winter
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Iso-Ruuhijärvi fishing area

Iso-Ruuhijärvi is an outdoor and recreational fishing centre in Kajaani and one of Kainuu’s most popular recreational fishing destinations. Ruuhijärvi is only 14 kilometres from Kajaani. Read more
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Melontakeskus kayaking centre

Lake Oulujärvi is calling! The Melontakeskus kayaking centre owned by the municipality of Paltamo is run by Oulujärvi Melojat ry, an association responsible for maintaining the centre. Read more
Nature sites

The Kivipuisto stone park at the top of Kivesvaara in Paltamo

The stone park is located at the top of Kivesvaara in Paltamo and allows you to experience the local nature. Over 40 rock samples present the history and composition of the Finnish and Kainuu bedrock. Read more
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The diverse opportunities of Vimpelinvaara attract outdoor enthusiasts. The hilly terrain of offers a challenge for skiers and mountain-bikers. Read more
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Winter Fishing Trip to Lake Oulujärvi

We explore the secrets of winter fishing on the vast frozen expanse of Ärjänselkä, located on Lake Oulujärvi. Read more
Nature sites

Ärjänsaari island

The Ärjänsaari island is the jewel of Lake Oulujärvi. Long sandy beaches and high sand banks create a setting for a variety of beach activities. The trail that circles the island is around 10 km long. Read more Hiking destinations and trails in Kajaani

The website maintained by Metsähallitus contains information about nature destinations, trails and structures made for hikers, such as campfire sites, lean-to shelters and wilderness huts. The map also includes fishing and hunting areas.

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