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Iso-Ruuhijärvi fishing area

Ruuhijärventie 661, Kajaani
Iso-Ruuhijärvi is an outdoor and recreational fishing centre in Kajaani and one of Kainuu’s most popular recreational fishing destinations. Ruuhijärvi is only 14 kilometres from Kajaani.

Enjoy recreational activities and fishing! The surface area of Lake Iso-Ruuhijärvi is approximately 45 hectares. You can fish rainbow trout, trout, pike, perch and whitefish from the lake. Systematic management of the water body and regularly planting rainbow trout suitable for fishing maintain the interest of fish stocks and fishers.

In addition to versatile services, the area has facilities suitable for various uses. The Kalamiestupa hut offers facilities for approximately 70 people and can be rented for various events. Sauna, fish processing facilities and a caravan area are also available. In the summer, you can rent boats from Lake Ruuhijärvi. There is also a hut, a lean-to shelter and numerous campfire sites around Lake Iso-Ruuhijärvi.

Fishing licences

The fishing licence includes the right to use a boat.

Purchasing licences: Mobilepay, Kajaani Info, Kaukavesi Aquatics Centre and Timo Meriläinen tel. +358 (0)44 7100880. Use the MobilePay app (code 38169) to purchase a day licence EUR 15, a four-hour licence EUR 10 and a family licence EUR 25.