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Ärjänsaari island

The Ärjänsaari island is the jewel of Lake Oulujärvi. Long sandy beaches and high sand banks create a setting for a variety of beach activities. The trail that circles the island is around 10 km long.

Most of the total surface area of Ärjänsaari is covered by forest land with mostly mature pine trees. The esker forest on the inner parts of the island is balanced with a lusher nemoral forest with many plant species typical of southern parts of the country. The natural attractions also include various formations caused by the wind located on the island shores, including sand dunes and blowing sand areas.

The paths on the island are marked, there is no risk of getting lost, and tourists remain clearly visible on the trails. The trail that circles the island is around 10 km long, but you can also opt for a shorter hike by selecting a shorter section of the trail. The trails are easy to walk along and wet areas are covered by duckboards.

In the summer, visitors can experience the burning sun, boisterous thunder and gentle summer wind on the island, which is like a little paradise. In winter, you can go skiing or snowshoeing on the island.

Services available on the Ärjänsaari island include

In the summer, you can participate in an annual art festival or shepherd activities.