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Steamship to Ärjänsaari

Kalkkisillantie 4, 87200 Kajaani
Experience the magnificent Ärjänsaari island on a steam boat cruise from the centre of Kajaani.

The high sandy terraces of Ärjänsaari offer an opportunity to witness amazing weather performances put on by nature. In the summer, visitors can experience the burning sun, boisterous thunder and gentle summer wind on the island, which is like a little paradise. Long sandy beaches and high sand banks create a setting for a variety of beach activities.

In July, the steamship S/S Kouta cruises take tourists to the mysterious Ärjänsaari island on Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays.

On the day cruise to Ärjänsaari, you can enjoy the scenery of the wide stretch of Lake Oulujärvi and hear stories about the history of the island. Once you arrive to the island, you can explore the rugged sandy banks of Ärjänsaari and the diverse forest landscape, enjoy the sun and great beaches!