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Rental hut Kivelä

Ärjänsaari, Oulujärvi
+358 206 39 6380
The rental hut has a plank wood structure and was originally constructed in the 1930s.

The cabin was later renovated in 2022. You can rent the cabin in the summer.

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  • A uniform 25 m2 space with a partition wall separating the kitchen from the sleeping area.
  • Two bunk beds.
  • Bedding (mattresses, blankets, cushions, but no linen).
  • Basic dishes and cooking equipment for four people.
  • A wood-burning oven, a small basement, an outhouse (shared use with other island visitors). It is recommended that you bring along your own portable camping stove.
  • Drinking water is available at the Ärjänsaari well or you can bring your own water.
  • The cabin does not have electricity. You can charge your mobile phone and tablet at the solar charging station in the Säipä cooking hut.
  • You can book a slot in the sauna, which is shared with other users. More information is provided in a folder at the cabin.
  • Ärjänsaari hiking services are available to those renting the cabin.

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Location and arrival

The cabin is located on the Ärjänsaari island on Lake Oulujärvi, about 16 km from the centre of Kajaani as the crow flies. The nearest boat harbours are located in Ruunaniemi (3 km), Koutaniemi (7.5 km), Paltaniemi (17.5 km) and the Kalkkisilta bridge in Kajaani (city centre).

There is no public transport to Ärjänsaari, but boat transport is provided by:

Luonnollisesti Oulujärvi (

Steamship Kouta (