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Pekka Heikkinen bakery shop and café

Välikatu 7, Kajaani
The bakery–confectionery founded by Pekka Heikkinen in 1913 starts buzzing early in the morning. Customers are buying loaves of bread baked in a wood-burning oven known nation-wide.

The bakery’s employees have been baking bread, cakes and delicacies and serving coffee to city residents and guests for nearly 110 years.

The café also known as Pekkis is an iconic part of the city and a must-see place for anyone visiting Kajaani.  And for good reason! At the Pekka Heikkinen shop, there’s a happy hum of conversation, an intoxicating scent of fresh bread, glass displays and shelves full of different kinds of bread, savoury and sweet pastries, tarts and cakes. At the side of the café, a tasty porridge breakfast is also served in the morning.

We pride ourselves in continuing the baking tradition, which we’ve been doing for four generations, and still feel our hearts swell when pulling a hand-baked bread from the wood-burning oven. We continue to make our rye loaf based on the old recipe using our over one-hundred-year-old sourdough made with Finnish flour and baked in a wood-burning oven. We also keep adding new products to our range that includes cream-filled croissants, cloudberry pastries, Danish pastries, Karelian pies, sweet plaits named after our founders and many other products that we have been making for decades.