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Panoramic House

Kivesvaarantie 40, 88300 Paltamo
Step on the roof of Kainuu – experience and enjoy the unique freedom of the hilly landscape!

The large scenic windows of Panoramic House display an endless, rugged landscape of Kainuu wilderness in three different directions.  This well-equipped cabin is located at the highest point of Jättiläisenmaa, also known as the Arctic Giant, offering its residents an enchanting panoramic view and instant calm. Spend time on the large terrace around the cottage to follow the movements of the sun, the painterly scenes on the horizon and the waves of northern lights high up in the sky. And the best thing is that you get to enjoy all these natural phenomena in the gentle heat of the outdoor hot tub!

Season the atmosphere by spending time by the glass-door fireplace and bathing in the sauna until the night gets dark, resting in a song of silence. Feel the freedom, experience the wilderness in yourself and spread your wings over the hilly landscape.

The exhilarating and luxurious atmosphere at the Panoramic House is ideal for memorable birthdays or for a romantic getaway.

Welcome to the top of Kainuu, get closer to the stars!