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Escape room games in Kajaani

Kauppakatu 5, 87100 Kajaani
Set up your own team and see how far you’ll get! The task is to escape from the room in 60 minutes by solving different tasks requiring logical reasoning and wit.

Come and experience the escape room!

The Great Escape offers escape rooms located in Kajaani and Vuokatti. The themes in Kajaani are The Submarine, The Bank Heist, The Circus and The Jungle. In Vuokatti, the themes are The Pirate Ship, The Bomb Squad, The Avalanche and The Train Escape.

Each theme is very different and we guarantee that the escape room experience is something you’ll never forget.

Escape rooms are suitable for people of all ages and their puzzles are suitable for children and parents alike. This makes the games suitable for families, groups of friends and companies.