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Evening cruise to Lake Oulujärvi

Kalkkisillantie 4, 87200 Kajaani
Finland’s northernmost steamship, S/S Kouta, cruises along the River Kajaaninjoki to the open Paltaselkä stretch in the historical and beautiful landscapes of Lake Oulujärvi.

Experience the beautiful landscapes of Lake Oulujärvi and the atmosphere of the summer evening on a steamship. During the trip, you can enjoy drinks served at the steamship bar, good company, the scenery of Lake Oulujärvi, and hear stories about the history of Oulujärvi and steamships.

The steamship starts from the Kalkkisilta harbour, arriving from the narrow Paltasalmi to the large Paltaselkä stretch in Lake Oulujärvi in an hour. The ship passes the sand banks of Koutaniemi and Paltaniemi and the Rovastinkivi rock that stands in the middle of the shallow water. From there, the ship will turn back towards the sun, with no land in sight far away on the other side of the lake.

The services of the ship bar are available during the cruise and tourists can choose to sit in the sheltered salon, the covered back deck or the open front deck.