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Kainuun kirja- ja paperikauppa - book and paper shop

Puolangantie 12, 88300 Paltamo
The bookshop was established 90 years ago. The shop offers a wide selection of books about Kainuu, works of authors from Kainuu and Paltamo, as well as books on the villages of Kainuu.

Back around 1930, the building was once moved as a whole with sheer manpower for a distance of nearly half a kilometre to the village centre. It is the oldest shop in Paltamo. There is a traditional bookshop with a wide selection of books in the historic shop building. The selection includes a wide range of Finnish literature, and also the family histories of extensive families from Kainuu, such as the Leinonen, Kemppainen and Tervonen families.

The shop also sells various gifts and souvenirs as well as toys, crafts and artist supplies.