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Kajaani Art Museum

Linnankatu 14 87100 Kajaani
+35844710 0545
Kajaani Art Museum – small but great! Check out the wide range of exhibitions at the museum located in the former police station designed by Eino Pitkänen in 1936.

The Kajaani Art Museum offers a high-quality range of modern art and history of art of both national and international interest. Follow our social media channels and website for information about our exhibitions and events and pop right in! In addition to four exhibitions, the museum has plenty of performances, guided tours, workshops, lectures and other events. You can see works of art from our collections in many public spaces and parks.

The Art Museum was opened to the public in April 1993. The building represents functionalist architecture and was completed in 1936. The building has been renovated to be accessible. One of the jail rooms of the police station has been kept as a reminder of old times – why not come over and take a look!