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Kajaani Orthodox Church

Kirkkokatu 17a, Kajaani
Discover the only byzantine-style church in the Nordic countries in Kajaani. The building was inaugurated for church use in 1959.

The Orthodox Church located in the centre of Kajaani has traditional icons and church murals painted by Petros Sasak and Alkiadis Kepolas at the altar of the church and at the church hall in 1988–2005.

Other sights and destinations related to the Orthodox religion in Kajaani:

An orthodox prayer room (‘Tsasouna’) is located in Kirkkoahontie 640, Kajaani.

The Orthodox prayer room in Kajaani was blessed for church use on Sat 18 August 2012. The bishop of the Oulu diocese, Metropolitan Panteleimon, blessed the water. The room can hold up to around fifty people. The prayer room was modelled after the church of Lasari Muromalainen dating back to the 1400s located on the Kizhi museum island in Lake Onega. The Karelian church architecture is visible in the building’s log walls, decorations, steep ridged roof and onion dome.

The Orthodox cemetery is located at Kirkkoahontie 633.