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Kaukavesi Aquatics Centre

Jokikatu 5, 87100 Kajaani
Kaukavesi Aquatics Centre offers recreation for the whole family. Relax in the hot water pool, have fast fun on the water slide or increase your fitness in the competition pool.

The Kaukavesi Aquatics Centre – Kajaani swimming pool, offers versatile facilities and services: several swimming pools, a diving tower, a slide, a gym, a café and conference room services.

The Kaukavesi Aquatics Centre is located on the river Kajaaninjoki near the centre of Kajaani, next to the Hotel Kajanus. The Kaukavesi service counter sells single, serial and season bracelets and other products related to the services. The professional staff provide you with advice and guidance in all practical matters. There is plenty of free parking space in front of the aquatics centre.