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Keisarintalli Museum in Paltaniemi

Paltaniementie 851, Kajaani
The Keisarintalli (‘Emperor’s Stable’) building is located next to the Paltaniemi old church in Kajaani. This small building is one of the first museums in Finland.

Visit the stable where Emperor Alexander I dined on 28 August 1819. Back then, it was located in Haapalankangas, Vuolijoki.

Alexander I (1777-1825) became the Emperor of Russia in 1801 and the Grand Duke of Finland in 1809. In August 1819, the Emperor made a visit to Kainuu.

The stable still has the table at which the Emperor dined. The names of those who dined at the table have been burned on the table surface. The building also still has the bench, the fishing boat used to cross the Vuolijoki River, the bed used by the Emperor from Ronkala, Lehtovaara, the small horse carriage used for the rest of the journey, and the worn saddle of Mayor Montgomery, which was found for the Emperor when he left Kajaani and which is currently kept in Kainuu Museum.

Visit the museum in the summer during the opening hours of the Paltaniemi old church. The church guides will show you the museum.

Today, the Paltamo parish owns the stable.