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Paltaniemen kuvakirkko - Paltaniemi old church

Paltaniementie 851, Kajaani
Enjoy a delightful visit to the Paltaniemi old church, which is over 300 years old. The old church is located in the Paltaniemi village, 10 km from the centre of Kajaani. The church is known for its magnificent historical ceiling paintings, which portray different scenes from the Bible.

The original old church of the Paltamo parish in Kajaani was completed in 1726. Its successor was damaged in an earthquake in 1626, and the third church was destroyed during the Great Wrath: it was looted and burned by the Russians in 1716.

The Kalevala memorial stone is located at the church gates, symbolising the connections between Kainuu and Karelia. The church is a wooden church building decorated with frescos and murals. The bell tower next to the church dates back to 1769.

The church is open on summer time 3.6.-11.8.2024 every day 12-18.
On winter time you can visit the church by booking Kajaani Guide, email: