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Rent an eFatbike from the Arctic Giant

Kivesvaarantie 40, 88300 Paltamo
Follow the footsteps of giants on the saddle of an eFatbike!

Movement is medicine, also for giants, and your mind will become more and more relieved one empowering forest path at a time.

Start exploring the footsteps of giants on the back of an eFatbike and feel the empowering effect of Kainuu nature. Longer trips in the terrain are also easy thanks to the electric Tunturi eMax eFatbikes – you’ll get to experience bends and mods, sandy and gravelly forest trails. The eFatbikes are ideal for anyone looking to spend some time in nature, regardless of their fitness level.

The operational range of the electric fat bikes is approximately 40 to 100 km with a single charge. Factors affecting the range include terrain, weather conditions (temperature), the level of assistance used and the weight of the person riding the bike.

Feel the speed and enjoy the hilly landscapes!