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Scenic cruise to Kajaaninjoki

Kalkkisillantie 4, 87200 Kajaani
Enjoy the wonderful landscape of the River Kajaaninjoki and a summer’s day on an authentic steamship.

On the cruise, the Kouta steamship slowly glides through the historical and beautiful landscapes on the River Kajaaninjoki with an even chug. The journey passes by Tihisenniemi, Aurala and Lukkarinnurmi to Lake Paltajärvi.

See the open Lake Oulujärvi between the Paltaniemi and Koutaniemi capes as the ship heads back towards the harbour at Hövelönlahti. This is the landscape where there was the Hövelö farm in the 1800s, where Elias Lönnrot finished his work on the Kalevala and Eino Leino was growing to be a young poet.

The services of the ship bar are available during the cruise and tourists can choose to sit in the sheltered salon, the covered back deck or the open front deck.