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Finland's northernmost toy museum

Golftie 3, 88300 Paltamo
Finland's northernmost toy museum is located in Paltamo. The Eilisen lapset ja Leikityt lelut (“Yesterday’s Children and the Games We Played”) exhibition maintained by the Meteli Seis association showcases plaster sculptures, teddy bears, dolls and toys.

The exhibition includes plaster artwork, teddy bears, dolls, horse figurines and mechanical and other toys from the collection of Eija and Tapani Homanen, two collectors from Paltamo. The collection showcased in the exhibition consists of nearly 1,900 items.

The exhibition offers visitors nostalgic images of childhood. It is renewed every year and there will always be something new to look at. In the museum’s outdoor area, you can enjoy the atmosphere of Haaveiden kammari (“Chamber of Dreams”) or the Lupotusluhti building and take a breather in the Mökötysmökki (“Sulking Cabin”).

Take a break under the large protective spruce in the yard and listen to the whisper of the spruce: After all, the nearly 200-year-old spruce has a lot to say. Make antique discoveries in an outbuilding dedicated to a flea market.