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Urho Kekkonen School

Tapionkatu 9, 87100 Kajaani
Visit Urho Kekkonen School, known today as Väinölä School. You can visit the building’s outdoor areas. President Urho Kekkonen started his schooling in Kajaani in the second grade and completed his matriculation examination here in 1919.

When sightseeing, why not take a moment to see the place where Finland’s former president spent his school years. Today, there is a school for children with intellectual disabilities in the building.

President Urho Kekkonen (1900–1986) was born at the Lepikko croft in Pielavesi and spent his youth in Kainuu. Urho moved to Kajaani with his family at the age of eleven and attended elementary and grammar school in the city. He also excelled in athletics as an adolescent.

During his political career and presidency, he used to visit Kainuu and his former home town, Kajaani, as often as possible. The Väinölä School currently operates in the building and it can only be viewed from outside.