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Lönnrot’s hut and herb garden

Onnelantie 1, 87100
Visit Lönnrot's hut and the adjacent herbal garden. Lönnrot's hut and herb garden are located outside Hotel Kajaani.

In spring 2009, Kirsi Kilpeläinen, Managing Director of Kapsakka Ky, presented an idea for restoring the herb garden next to the Lönnrot hut and for raising more awareness about Lönnrot’s hut as one of the cultural sites in Kajaani.

The project was implemented under the leadership of Kirsi Kilpeläinen in cooperation between the Elias Lönnrot society, Kajaanin Kalevalaiset Naiset association, Kapsakka Ky and Lumonel during the summer of 2009. The project has also been supported by funding for the productization of cultural tourism from the Ministry of Education and Culture.

Heli Pirinen made plans of the restoration of the herb garden and decided on the planted herbs. Heli Pirinen also prepared material on herbs, including a description of the use of each herb based on Elias Lönnrot’s and contemporary instructions.

The herb garden has become a tourist attraction, and a separate brochure has been published on it. The brochure can be purchased from the Elias Lönnrot Society and the Kajaani Info Services.