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Vuottolahti natural skating trail on the frozen surface of Lake Oulujärvi

Vuottolahti, Luomatie 123, Otanmäki
+358 40 0386 941
The Vuottolahti skating trail is suitable for people of all ages, providing excellent conditions for spending a winter day with the whole family. Furry companions are also welcome.

The unique Vuottolahti skating trail is just a 30-minute drive from Kajaani. Stretching over 1 km on the frozen surface of Lake Oulujärvi, the trail is accompanied by an additional 2 km ice-skating forest route. Alongside the skating trail, there are approximately 8 km of tracks for both traditional and skate skiing. You can move around the area as you please; skate, ski, walk, or even kick-sled.

On the forest route, there’s a communal hut available for all outdoor enthusiasts, and you can also enjoy snacks by the open fireplace located next to the starting point. Both fireplaces come with ready-to-use firewood. The skating trail starts from the SFC Meeting Point (Luomatie 123, 88200 OTANMÄKI).

You can check the opening hours of the meeting point’s café on the SFC Meeting Point’s Facebook page. The meeting point’s grill hut is available to skaters and outdoor enthusiasts around the clock. The restrooms are closed overnight.

Welcome to enjoy the Vuottolahti skating trail!