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Music, art and memorable events – that’s what the cultural and event summer of the Kajaani-Oulujärvi region is made of. A wonderful summer invites you to also enjoy the peace of nature and the wonderful scenery of Oulujärvi and Nuasjärvi. Come and enjoy!

Kajaani Markkinakatu event 3.-6.7.2024 Market atmosphere in the middle of Kajaani

Traditional Markkinakatu event will take place at the center of Kajaani in the beginning of July! Numerous market vendors from all over Finland arrive in Kajaani and the main shopping street turns into a market area. In addition to various market vendors the event is made up of a diversity of programs including music, arts and dance shows. The annual Markkinakatu event is one of the most popular events of the year in Kajaani.

Program and schedule of the event (in Finnish):

Poetry week 3.-7.7.2024 Emotions and events are flowing during Kajaani’s Poetry Week

Poetry week’s artistic director Kati Outinen invites everyone to Kajaani to wonder about the world with and with the help of artists. We get suggestions about different worlds and new ways of evaluating old phenomena.

Event program (in Finnish)

Tips for a nice summer day

Nature sites

Ärjänsaari island

The Ärjänsaari island is the jewel of Lake Oulujärvi. Long sandy beaches and high sand banks create a setting for a variety of beach activities. The trail that circles the island is around 10 km long. Read more

Kajaani Castle ruins

Built back in the 1600s, Kajaani Castle loomed over an important waterway between Ostrobothnia and Russian Karelia. The castle ruins are an important cultural sight protected under the Antiquities Act. Read more

Paltaniemen kuvakirkko – Paltaniemi old church

Enjoy a delightful visit to the Paltaniemi old church, which is over 300 years old. The old church is located in the Paltaniemi village, 10 km from the centre of Kajaani. The church is known for its magnificent historical ceiling paintings, which portray different scenes from the Bible. Read more
Things to do

Kesäniemi beach

The Kesäniemi beach has a beach volley court, a dock, 3- and 5-metre diving towers, changing rooms and a toilet. Read more

Kajaani tar boat canal

The tar boat canal on the River Kajaaninjoki is the world’s only active tar canal, which makes it a unique attraction. Next to the canal is Lussitupa, the old dwellings of the ship lock guard. Read more
Museums and theatres

Riihipiha Museum

The Riihipiha Museum is located in the centre of the Vuolijoki village. The museum showcases a rural yard area and the activities in rural Kainuu. Museum is open 15.6.-11.8.2024 Wed-Fri 11 am – 5 pm. Closed 21.-23.6.2024. Read more
See and experience

The Eino Leino House in Paltaniemi

The memorial house located in Paltaniemi, Kajaani is a replica of Eino Leino’s birth home and tells the story of two great Finnish authors, Elias Lönnrot and Eino Leino. Read more
Museums and theatres

Kajaani Art Museum

Kajaani Art Museum – small but great! Check out the wide range of exhibitions at the museum located in the former police station designed by Eino Pitkänen in 1936. Read more

Welcome to a guided city tour

What was life like in the castle 400 years ago? And how was the childhood of Eino Leino in Kainuu? Through guided tours, you will get an insight into Kajaani and Kainuu from a deeper level. You will hear interesting history about the area and its famous people. You can join different guided tours or ask a tour for your group based on your interests.

Read more about guided tours

Experience the magificent Lake Oulujärvi

Things to do

Steamship to Ärjänsaari

Experience the magnificent Ärjänsaari island on a steam boat cruise from the centre of Kajaani. Read more
Things to do

Evening cruise to Lake Oulujärvi

Finland’s northernmost steamship, S/S Kouta, cruises along the River Kajaaninjoki to the open Paltaselkä stretch in the historical and beautiful landscapes of Lake Oulujärvi. Read more
Things to do

Equipment rental at Lake Oulujärvi

Equipment for a variety of activities on water and land is available for rent for those interested in exploring the area on their own. Read more
Things to do

Kayaking 101 on Ärjänselkä, Lake Oulujärvi

Are you dreaming of kayaking, but never dared or had an opportunity to try it? We have a solution for you! Read more
Things to do

Kayaking around Ärjänsaari island

See and experience what the paradise island of Oulujärvi looks like from the lake. Read more